Moontown Brewing Company

We are a brewery run by family and friends... join us!
Our Team:


Brewer & General Manager


Head Brewer


Event Coordinator & Social Media Manager

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Our Mission:

QUALITY: We have an intense focus on brewing the finest beer and preparing wholesome food, made with only the highest quality ingredients.  Everything we do is crafted with thought and care, served with knowledge and pride.


HOSPITALITY: We consistently offer genuine Hoosier hospitality to our neighbors and guests. We treat Moontown Brewing Company as an extension of our own home, and work each day to create a place for both comfort and celebration.

AUTHENTICITY: We march to the beat of our own drum and will stay true to ourselves and why we started.  We do not take ourselves too seriously – beer is fun and has soul!

TEAMWORK: We treat all employees like family and acknowledge that each of us plays an important and unique role.  We are a team focused on true collaboration and will reward initiative, creativity, education, personality and quality performance.

COMMUNITY: We strengthen the culture of our local community by bringing an independent and creative voice to Whitestown, Indiana.  We are committed to supporting those around us through local sourcing, education and community involvement.